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A scientific diet may help to lower cholesterol levels, but it does little to neither feed nor nourish the soul. Italy has one of the highest life expectancies in the world while using mostly simple ingredients like vine-ripe san marzano tomatoes, fresh garlic, warm basil and thick golden oil of first pressed olives.

This sense of proportion and harmony and the concern with healthful and natural ingredients doesn’t depend upon a diagram of dietary correctness any more than Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel by numbers. It’s about a respectful and mindful understanding of food in its most elemental state.

At Taverna we seek out the best imported Italian ingredients with the conscious effort to bring farm driven, locally grown, organic, seasonal and sustainable ingredients to the table when ever possible. Since true Italian cooking is a limited intervention, we don’t upstage our ingredients with elaborate techniques or clutter them up with fancy sauces. We strive with great passion to strike and ignite balance between rustic authenticity and subtle sophistication. Never losing touch with the romance of the old world.

Wine is the natural complement to our food, as essential a part of a good meal as family, shared warmth, and hospitality. Wine is not just a liquid in a bottle from a vineyard - it is part of nature- like the skies, the rain, and the terra. It is the blood of the earth.

This spirit of relaxed enjoyment is what we try to recreate at Taverna every ni

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